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It's currently 1:50 am ive been up recording monthly's all night.... ive been live on the site recording all night and nothing is here... it says all files are corrupted? Like how???? Y'all welp! Ima try again Monday I guess! Please join me live Sunday at 8pm for a look at the week ahead right on the homepage... here's the themes for the 5 I did get done tonight...

Aries- Time to stop resisting change & focus on your goals. Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.

Taurus- Stay true to what you're working for. You will see major changes for by Jan. ( collectively I felt I financial shift since it's the house of finances)

Gemini- Clearing all blockages. Things are about to pick up. Get a planner & stay consistent. Trust your intuition.

Cancer- Be aware of your surroundings, you have guides coming in to help you rebuild. Release those attachments it's not love.

Leo- Releasing illusions of the past & moving forward with clarity. Acceptance! The new is right in front of you. You're shifting have patience.

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