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About Myself

This journey hasn't been easy but it has been worth it! Hi, I'm Yodie Sky! Master Healer & The Soul's Therapist. My goal is to reach, preach, & teach!  Spiritually gifted in many areas I use all tools within me to help guide people to their truest, highest, timelines of abundance. You have to Feel That Shit To Heal That Shit! That is my MOTTO. Self Love, Shadow work, Inner Child Healing are my specialties.
Astrology is my 1st love and I wholeheartedly live by it! Using Astrology To Heal & Manifest is a belief system I teach by. Your birth chart is your bible, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Learning yourself because you are your most valuable asset is important to your healing journey. Understanding why you are the way you are is critical to helping you break free from traumatic and unhealed traits. The healing process is a constant unlearning, rebuilding, shifting, releasing, embracing, descending & ascending. I am happy to serve you on your journey.

My Creations

Money Candle

My candles are made over fire, simmered in herbs, sang too, infused with reiki & love. I specialize in 3. Prosperity & Protection calls in protection over every area of your life and brings in your prosperity. Money Candles calls money in fast and makes it last. Dream Protection & Manifestation Candles calls in protection over your manifestations, helps extend the power of visualization to open up and create your desires. All candles come with affirmations to speak over them.


Spiritual Healing Bath Teas

It's important to cleanse your energy when on your journey. As you heal you raise your vibrations. My spiritual bath teas are mixed with herbs and salts pertaining to your healing. Our bath teas come with guided meditation to heal the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & financial auric field. Its a reiki session while you soak! Refreshes & energizes the body on all levels.

Crystal Healing Jewelry

Hand picked in the store never bought in bulk! My crystal healing jewelry is made according to what the collective needs to heal as I am intuitively lead to create. We also offer made to order pieces.

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