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1st of all I would like to thank you all for your continued support! As I change within my business must also reflect those changes. As you know, healing is constant change and growth. I am an all inclusive healer and very serious about my purpose and path as a guide on your healing journey. By now my work speaks for itself. I will be adding PRERECORDED Reads and 2 more subscriptions plans and you can choose which is best for you! VENT SESSIONS will no longer be available. Get you a journal, go within do some reflection and the answers will come to you! I am no longer holding space for those not doing the work and just want to complain. Due to not having the proper tools I need to communicate on my website at this time video subscription will no longer be provided and I will use YouTube as of right now. You must be subscribed to the channel in order to watch when I go live. Bookings are open for May and So are Subscriptions. This is my new service list:

PRERECORDED READS- it doesn't matter the time or date you book you will receive your video within 24 hrs! All reads will be sent to the email provided when you book.

1 Question- $30 Ask anything pertaining to you! You must email the question!

Astrological Preview- $55 Monthly overview of astrology and guidance on how to use the energy to your benefit. Must email birth date, time, city&state. If you dont know your time it's OK spirit will tell me🥰

All Around the World- $77 Looks at the current energy in each house and gives guidance on how to bring balance where it is lacking.

Spiritual Guidance- $88 What you need to know right now and whatever guidance your guides have for you.

Quarterly Reads- $150 A look at the next 3 months ahead focusing on healing, love, money, what you need to be aware of, & spiritual guidance.

FACE TO FACE READS ON ZOOM- All reads are recorded and stored for 6 months!

30 minutes- $100

45 minutes- $150

1 Hour- $200

These sessions include anything & all you need! No matter the topic, if you need an energy cleanse or a blessing being sent up!

Birthchart Interpretation- $125 Learn about you (why you move, love, & think the way you do) learn about the things you must overcome and heal, and even what your spiritual gifts may be! Before our session you must email birth date, time, city&state. If you dont know your time it's OK spirit will tell me🥰

Reiki Session- $125 Get your Chakras balanced, pain removal, aura & energy cleanse, body scan, & energy protection.

Personal Ritual- $225 you need work done on your behalf? I do work for your blessings not to hurt others! I Remove hexes and do return to senders & TRUST I always consult with the Divine to make sure judgement is warranted and you're not stuck in a karmic cycle you brought on yourself! I mostly focus on self love, healing, money, road openers, uncrossings, court cases to go in your favor, & building a deeper connection to your higher self and guides.

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES- Require work and dedication to the betterment of your life. Payments will be broken down weekly and you must have PayPal to subscribe. If you email me we may be able to work something out! Remember subscriptions can be canceled at anytime!

Shadow Work/Innerchild Healing- $225 monthly & weekly payments of $56.25

Three 45min sessions a month & 1 monthly energy cleanse to help you rebalance after becoming aware of certain things. Directly focused on balancing the shadow and innerchild. Helping you heal innerchild wounds by breaking it down to the root cause by simultaneously tapping into your shadow of hidden truths within side you. Guiding you into the unlearning and re-parenting of self. Removing the trauma bonds & Reconnecting you with your authentic self.

Walk Down- $200 Monthly & weekly payments of $50. The walk is where we purposely use astrology to heal & manifest. Based on your birthchart you get personal insight to how the energy is effecting you and how you can effectively use the energy to benefit you. Giving you your best days and rest days! Helping you understand the house and planets while healing and manifesting your best life. It includes 1 Monthly overview of astrology and Tarot for predictions, 1 Reiki session, & 1 Personal Ritual.

Spiritual Maintenance- $400 Monthly weekly payments of $100. This subscription is for the healers, readers, mediums, & those looking to use their gifts for their spiritual business. Learn how to harness your spiritual gifts, learn how to effectively break generational curses. Goal setting and business planning. Learn protection work and build a stronger connection to your guides. Have support on your journey as you support others on theirs. Includes three 1 hour coaching sessions monthly, entry into the Spiritual Warriors Group on my website for community support & includes a monthly group session on zoom to discuss spiritual laws & ethics, professionalism, client retention vs enabling a client and so much more! To join this group you must sign a NDA to protect my teachings and the confidentiality of others in the group! It's a secret society all we ask is trust! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no but seriously I learned from the healing crew... won't make the same mistake twice. I've learned and moving on with growth!

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