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When you change inside out flows outwardly. I've had a hard battle with matters of the heart this year. So I took a lot of time to heal! THANK YOU to all who has stuck with me through it all! So here's the changes we are making so far!

-Subscription fees to the All Knowing Tier will lower to $8.88 a month for videos. YALL NEED THESE MESSAGES the way I do videos will also change!

-I will hold monthly tarot & Tea parties for $11.11 you get a general & questions in a group setting on zoom plus collective messages. Thanks to all who attended for my bday I loved it!

-The Walk will continue for 2024 with some change. For $75 a month You will receive:

  • One hour personal session astrology/tarot for the month ahead

  • One distant reiki session

  • One personal ritual session

  • One Vent Session (goal planning)

  • And the All Knowing Tier so all videos!

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