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Virgo represents the 6th House of daily life. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & financial health, routines, work ethic, & more is on the forefront. Mercury is also retrograde in Virgo so it's time to revise our health and the type of lifestyle we live. As always check your birthchart to see what individual house you're working on. Here's what's being highlighted for you this month:

Aries- 6th House

Taurus- 5th House

Gemini- 4th House

Cancer- 3rd House

Leo- 2nd House

Virgo- 1st House

Libra- 12th House

Scorpio- 11th House

Sagittarius- 10th House

Capricorn- 9th House

Aquarius- 8th House

Pisces- 7th House

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