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As I sit on my bed thinking about all the times I put my self in situations where I didn’t have to, I realize where I went wrong on my journey. One of my main traits was always trying to fix situations instead of leaving them where they stood. Earlier this year while healing my inner child, I was hit with my abandonment issues. I realized a whole lot this week. Having a final release to all the damage that has been done in my life because I was searching for the love i didnt receive as a child. From a toxic family situation to staying in a relationship that had many red flags from the start but I didnt know any better. Understanding the role that I played in it by holding when I should have walked away before it even started. Getting clarity on why I was molested by the people who should have protected me and the karmic pain passed down from generations. Just truly with a clear perspective on why, who, what, when, where, & how everything naturally comes together to put me on your path to healing so i can help others heal. Truth, I wanted to give up so many times. The spiritual world is different and sometimes it may feel like you're crazy but I possibly couldn't be if so many people are also healing because of me. I've always felt there was a reason as to why I was lead down my path and now I finally understand why. So many people think I'm a saint I'm far from it. I grow through things on a daily just like everyone else🤞💘

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