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Quick energy Check All Signs

Quick energy check!

Aries- Times up time to choose! Or maybe have em both. You can take every opportunity that comes your way as long as it aligns with your beliefs and morals! Do you!

Taurus- You worked hard for what's coming towards you enjoy it.

Gemini- Mental upgrades trust your intuition.

Cancer- Shift Your focus... work on another area and the area you're focused on will smooth itself out!

Leo- Heavy Ancestor energy protecting you from the past. You can no longer entertain the same things.

Virgo- Money Money Money Money... New Job? New streams of income? Ooot! Or loss? Your attitude and gratitude makes the difference.

Libra- If you can see it in your minds eye it will come into your reality... focus on the positive.

Scorpio- Solar Plexus work is needed also maybe some cut offs too! Someone's holding on for dear life. Starve their Energy!

Sagittarius- Meditate do some breathing clear your thoughts stay grounded You're being heavily projected on Protection Up CLEANSE NEOW!

Capricorn- You might be hiding what you're working on from everyone else but ICU... heyyy can't wait for you to reveal that project! Drop ot like it's hot!

Aquarius- You have lots of Spiritual Protection Around you Also! I see ppl being blocked energetically... how you gonna be hating outside the club when you can't even get in?

Pisces- Overthinking will get you no where focus on one goal at a time. Distractions are coming in to test you... oot your being watched P's & Q's!

Collective- 10:10 Endings and beginnings but you gotta let go first stop resisting⚖️

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Pam Thorp-Byrd
Pam Thorp-Byrd
Apr 17, 2023

I love this quick energy ck !

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