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Pluto Retrograde

Pluto retrogrades tomorrow and all the change I've been talking is about to happen whether you like it or not! Brace yourself when Pluto goes retrograde it brings your deepest darkest fears to the surface. The key is to acknowledge because you will repeat the same lessons until you learn how to safely express your inner power. Fears of letting go can slow down your process of transformation. Some fears may include death, poverty, manipulation, torture, and betrayal just to name a few. Most of these fears are deep rooted and you're not even consciously aware of. It's a time for reflection about power and control over your life and releasing the things that keep you bound. After all Pluto does rule the underworld... Some deep dark hidden secrets may arrive also...

Pluto in the 11th house suggests that your friendships and group associations may have a transformative or intense effect on your life path. You may be drawn to powerful or influential friends, and may experience significant changes or upheavals within these relationships. Your involvement in group activities or social causes may also be a source of personal transformation and growth.

Pluto retrograde in the 11th house suggests a focus on transformation and power struggles within group dynamics and friendships. This may involve letting go of toxic relationships and asserting boundaries to create a healthier social circle. It can also lead to a deeper understanding of one's own individuality and unique contributions within a community. Pluto's theme this retrograde will be breaking free from toxic communities of any kind. If it ain't helping you grow it has to go🥰⚖️

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