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Videos for all signs are now up! Subscribe to the All Knowing Plan monthly for $8.88 or you can purchase each video for $1.99. Weekly healing, money, love will be uploaded this weekend. Thank you for rocking with me through these planetary shifts! Here are the themes:

Aries- A change in direction, releasing blockages & moving forward. Focus on your goals, keep your business to yourself.

Taurus- New partnerships coming thru, be authentically you! Don't hide to please others.

Gemini- You have important decisions to make! Clear your space emotionally & mentally so you can have clarity.

Cancer- Stop resisting the shift, are you afraid to heal? Are you afraid of success? The choice is yours to stay stagnant.

Leo- 3rd times a charm. Keep going you're about to realize everything is falling into place.

Virgo- Time to tap into your nurturing self, fill your cup so you can fill others. Self awareness & accountability.

Libra- Venus is home time to balance the scales! You're in manifestation mode! Get in alignment. ( I heard as typing this OK LADIES NOW LETS GET IN FORMATION)

Scorpio- It's hard to say goodbye to all you have ever known but you manifested this change! Forgive the past as you walk into the new.

Sagittarius- Remove them negative people, places, things, & you will see abundance all around! They're blurring your vision.

Capricorn- Major breakdown for the breakthrough. It's hard healing but keep going! You're almost there. Forgive & release.

Aquarius- You have a lot to be grateful for! Protection up mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, & financially! Hater eyes are watching.

Pisces- Wherever Sagittarius lands in your chart pay attention! Get out of your head and into your feelings. Feel that shit to heal that shit!

As always I appreciate the love and support🥰

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