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As you can see we're already 3 days in and a shift is coming! SATURN STATIONS DIRECT TOMORROW!!! With Pluto going direct in October and now Saturn we should see some ease on restrictions & there will be lessons need to be put into actions. We will get into that in the astrology below! We're in Scorpio season the 8th house of death & transformation mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, & financially. But before we get into the astrology for the month here's some events that's happening at Yodie's House of Healing this month:

-Walk with Me! Exclusive healing just between me, you & our guides leading you into your best life for $75 monthly. You receive 1hr personal session( reg price $125) for the astrology and month ahead, 1 personal ritual session ( we manifest on your behalf reg price $77), 1 distant reiki session (guided meditation energy healing reg price $88), the All knowing subscription plan (all videos released reg price $8.88), *NEWLY ADDED 1 vent/goal planning session (reg price $44) NOW THATS A DEAL!

-Subscribe to the All Knowing Tier! Unlimited videos Monthly for $8.88

Monthly overview for all signs Aries - Pisces & weekly Money, Love, & Healing collective reads... and whatever else comes out!

-We're back with Sunday Night Live Right on the homepage with A LOOK AT THE WEEK AHEAD! 8PM eastern time and you can always come back and watch the replay!

-Tarot & Tea Manifestation Party on ZOOM

-Scorpio Season Special A LOOK INTO THE SHADOWS!

Now let's tap into the Astrology for November 2023! This is how I interpret the energy collectively. Always check out what houses these signs land in your Birthchart!

11/4- Saturn direct Pisces, lessons learned and now its time to put them into action! We're moving out of a restrictive period.

11/5- 3rd quarter moon in Leo, it's a great time to do some inner child healing & releasing love blockages in every area a life.

11/6- Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, while Pluto was retrograde a change occurred. Here's a change to see that change with fresh eyes. A shift in perception as that needed to happen to better you.

11/8- Venus moves home to Libra. The Empress reigns supreme and sits on her throne bringing balance to partnerships, relationships, & binding contracts of all kinds.

11/10- Mercury moves into Sagittarius where we will see an uptake in ascension and expansion with all things communication. Downloads and ancestry wisdom being passed during this time. Pay attention to the themes around this time because Mercury will slide back into Sagittarius during its retrograde period in Capricorn late 2023/ early 2024.

11/11- 11:11 Portal is open, here's a chance for soul expansion to and tap into your spiritual gifts! The Sun & Moon will be in Scorpio time to elevate!

11/13- New Moon in Scorpio, MANIFESTATION DESTINATION!

11/14- Sun in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus, anything can happen if you can imagine it! Stay focused and clear of distractions. You're in manifesting mode!

11/15- 11/21- Sun and Mars conjunct in Scorpio, PROTECTION UP! This week yields the energy of Spiritual Warfare. While some people may be in aggressive energy you focus on your ambition! Eat light, take your spiritual baths, ground, do your breathing exercises, & stay in your spiritual practices. BANISH. CLEANSE. PROTECT. You're making major changes in your life and it's time to focus and buckle down. Some people don't like those changes and want to stop them. This is a completion of that cycle. As Scorpio season comes to an end it's that me vs me the old life vs the new life you've been manifesting. And on....

11/21- this energy Sun & Mars conjunct will trine Pluto in Capricorn to complete the process and push you forward into the new.

11/22- The Sun moves into Sagittarius the 9th house of ascension and spiritual growth we're Mercury has been since the 10th & on....

11/24- Mars moves into Sagittarius also, it's time to take that leap of faith! Rapid ascension and growth.

11/27- Full Moon in Gemini oppose Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune retrograde in Pisces, you've awaken to so many truths and can now see a clearly through illusions, lies, manipulation, & deceit. Time to release rejection & abandonment wounds to those attachments and fake love or you already have and you're gaining the gift of discernment.

Have a blessed November 2023!

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