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The sun is now in Libra the 7th house of relationships. Remember the most important relationship you have is with yourself. It’s time to come into balance to with yourself so you naturally attract the relationships meant to be in your life. The scales are balancing for mutual reciprocation. Libra also rules contracts of all kind any binding situation. With S. Node in Libra bringing in eclipse season there will be lots of severing of ties. Karmic relationships are being exposed and set free. Boundaries & Karmic justice taking place this season. Stay on the right side🥰

In matters of the heart, I offer what I know, learn what I don’t, and remain true to myself.

🥰I open myself to giving and receiving love that is for my highest good.

🥰I shower all my relationships with loving attention and watch them blossom.

🥰I ensure that my relationships are healthy and that each person’s needs are met.

🥰I honor myself and others by acting from a place of love.

🥰I take charge of my relationships.

🥰I accept the role I play in creating my relationships and my life.

🥰I let go of expectations and open myself to relationships that flow and grow.

🥰I embrace our differences and bring balance and healing to my relationships.

🥰I now release my fears and open fully to a loving relationship with myself and others.

🥰I cut to the core of my relationships and consciously rebuild them.

🥰I offer and accept healing in my relationships, and I am at peace.

🥰I examine my feelings about relationships and release what is no longer my truth.

🥰I awaken to the beauty of relationships that nurture me.


Libra Season Journal Prompts

-Is my self-care routine supporting my physical, emotional and mental wellness?

-What is my relationship with my shadow self?

-Who do I need to make compromises with, in order to improve our relationship?

-How well do I really listen?

-How can I create peace with the past in order to build my future?

-What do I need to let go of in order to achieve a healthier balance in my life?

-Where do I seek security and comfort?

-What brings me joy and allows me the ability to just be myself?

-How can I make beauty a ritual in my daily life?

-What type of relationship would bring me the most harmony and balance right now?

-What about me is most magnetic?

-What do other people find most beautiful about me?

-What areas of myself could use more attention and love?

-How can I deepen my relationships with others in my life - even despite isolation & distancing?

-What is my love language? and how can I show more of this type of love to myself?

-How can I approach love & relationships with more balance?

Libra Season Crystal's, Herbs, & Foods

Crystals- Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Pink Opal, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Celestine, Mangano Calcite, Apatite, Rose Quartz, Sunstone

Herbs- Catnip, Elderberry, Thyme, St. John’s Wort, Bergamot, Nettle Leaf, Goldenrod, Burdock, Mullein, Blacl Cohosh, Barberry, Ashwagandha, Goldenseal

Foods- Strawberries, Apples, Raisins, Almonds, Asparagus, Peas, Corn, Carrots, Spinach, Beets, Oatmeal, Broiled Fish & Seafood

Try to avoid beef & pork! No alcohol or pop!

Libra Season Daily Affirmations

I give myself grace to express the duality of my being.

Love, peace and fairness are at my core.

My heart is open and in alignment.

I am open to expressing myself.

I find strength and solace in being an embodiment of love and light.

I open my heart to access peace and I share it freely with other.

Creativity runs through my veins.

I create in harmony with the Divine.

I attract loving and fulfilling relationships.

I show up for my loved ones because it brings me joy.

I am a beautiful being; mind, body and soul.

I am divinely aligned.

Here is where Libra season is for you:

Aries- 7th House

Taurus- 6th House

Gemini- 5th House

Cancer- 4th House

Leo- 3rd House

Virgo- 2nd House

Libra- 1st House

Scorpio- 12th House

Sagittarius- 11th House

Capricorn- 10th House

Aquarius- 9th House

Pisces- 8th House

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