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Libra Full Moon Affirmations

We’re in the Libra full moon energy! As Libra represents the 7th house of relationships and balance here are some affirmations to help heal the relationship with yourself and others:

In matters of the heart, I offer what I know, learn what I don’t, and remain true to myself.

🥰I open myself to giving and receiving love that is for my highest good.

🥰I shower all my relationships with loving attention and watch them blossom.

🥰I ensure that my relationships are healthy and that each person’s needs are met.

🥰I honor myself and others by acting from a place of love.

🥰I take charge of my relationships.

🥰I accept the role I play in creating my relationships and my life.

🥰I let go of expectations and open myself to relationships that flow and grow.

🥰I embrace our differences and bring balance and healing to my relationships.

🥰I now release my fears and open fully to a loving relationship with myself and others.

🥰I cut to the core of my relationships and consciously rebuild them.

🥰I offer and accept healing in my relationships, and I am at peace.

🥰I examine my feelings about relationships and release what is no longer my truth.

🥰I awaken to the beauty of relationships that nurture me.


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