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Learning to Speak Your Truth


When you first learn to speak your truth a few things will happen...⁠

1) You will crap yourself 😅

You may shake, you may wobble, you may get tongue tied, you may stutter, you may fight to be heard or you may seize up, go blank and forget your strong and powerful self...becoming mouse like in the moment your truth bubbles up from within.⁠

2) You will battle...inwardly and outwardly. With yourself and with others. With the desire to claim your SPACE against the desire to CONFORM. The fight to CLAIM your authentic self against the Fear of not BELONGING. Ego is its strongest during this watchful of its attempts to drag you back into the darkness. These moments of clinging will come from inside of you as well as being generated outside of you in the form of "well meaning" family, friends, colleagues or perhaps some drama or chaos that can persuade you to remain rooted to whomever, whatever or wherever feels safer.⁠

3) "Belonging" will eventually become distasteful....and then again become disgusting and your fear will switch sides, trusting your TRUTH more and more over time because your true Soul Self (your ALIGNMENT) feels so much more powerful when your truest words are spoken. At this point Ego becomes a bitter taste in your mouth and speaking falsities will literally make your Soul sick to the stomach. ⁠

4) You VIBRATE differently. People notice you more not because of how you look on the outside (though your eyes may glow in a way that others do not) ...but they notice your PRESENCE. An unshakeable "this is me" vibe. The kind of vibe that resonates SOLIDITY. The kind of vibe only found by those who have met their pain and done the deep inner work! In this moment you will start to attract your Soul Tribe because you will no longer be afraid of standing out and being weird. Your Soul Tribe will reaffirm that your truth is valid, important and loveable and it will feel like HOME and the most blissful belonging!⁠

5) Your Truth now claimed and embodied will mean that some still in their denial will be drawn to you...aching to discover the thing that you now know. While others will be scared, blame you and shame you for changing or being "too much" because you are reflecting their inability to claim their own true Soul align with their own truth.

Never forget this! For those who choose safety and conformity, an enlightened being shines so brightly that their reflection can scare the ego conditioning that lies in anothers shadow. You are highlighting the path that they are scared to follow.

6) Your truth will ask you to speak loudly! It will encourage you to help others with whatever truth they hold inside but have denied. Your truth, if you allow it to, will help the others who are just arriving at the edge of their truth to take the leap...just as much as your truth has helped you. For that is the beauty of speaking, vibrating and radiating your truth. You become a LIGHT in the darkness. So remember to let your truth SHINE!

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