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Embracing all of you is hard sometimes. Sometimes we put on a piece of clothing and it doesn’t flatter us. Sometimes we get hair in places that makes us feel manly. Sometimes everything we eat goes to all the wrong places. We have all had a bad hair day it 2. These are superficial things that should never make us love ourselves any less. Embracing your true beauty, in and out is real self love. If you absolutely dislike something about you and you can‘t embrace it, REPLACE IT! Most of the things we dislike about ourselves are the things society and some structures we were raised on drilled into our subconscious. Now is the time to release those things and embrace who you truly are. Stripping illusions and breaking free from the chains that have held you back. Now is the time. Now is the time for you to truly be you. Embracing everything about you and purging out everything that no longer serves you.

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