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JUNE 2023

Finally got all videos in June 2023 themes:

Aries- Blessings coming thru catch it!

Taurus- It's fricken lit! Get them squares out your circle!

Gemini- Time to clear your energy field & focus!

Cancer- No love? Focusing on money... (back up on my bullshit plays as I'm typing)

Leo- Interested to see how the month plays out!

Virgo- Stay in the present moment to catch the blessing.

Libra- In between the old & new keep pushing towards the new!

Scorpio- Manifestations is hitting! Be thankful

Sagittarius- Rest up ( no spiritual gifts showed up time to recharge)

Capricorn- Don't let others restrict you

Aquarius- Getting in Alignment with you Manifestations

Pisces- This brings major growth & change.

All videos are 1.99 but you can subscribe to the all signs channel for 11.11 monthly! But the best is the All Knowing Tier. You get all videos all month long!

Don't forget to join us live Sunday Nights at 8 for a look at the week ahead🥰

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