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July 2023

Videos are up by signs in a new format including astrology by houses. Remember astrology is based on your rising signs, but the oracle and tarot can be any placement!

The monthly themes are as follows:

Aries- Walking into a new life, the nodal switch!

Taurus- Chaos & Conflict, spiritual warfare has made you stronger coming out on top!

Gemini- Not for you, something is causing major anxiety release it or them!

Cancer- Tick Tock, what's the rush slow down & let spirit guide you!

Leo- Imagine, the power of manifesting speak life into your creations!

Virgo- The fates, endings are natural so stop resisting & focus on creating new!

Libra- A leg up, New psychic gifts/guides coming to lead accept the help when it comes!

Scorpio- A change in the wind, shifting gears trust your being led for your highest good!

Sagittarius- Treasure island, remove the negative restrictions from around you & focus on your expansion!

Capricorn- Here & Now, Staying in the present brings clarity stop looking back!

Aquarius- Community, look around do you fit in, be aware of who you surround yourself with!

Pisces- Flexible, Sometimes things don't go as planned be open to change your resistance is causing a domino effect in other areas of life.

Remember you can purchase each video for $1.99 or subscribe to the all knowing tier for $22.22 monthly and get all signs weekly healing, love, money matters.

New schedule on uploads

Tuesday- healing journey

Wednesday- love matters

Thursday- money matters

Friday- whatever comes out

Remember we're always Sunday night at 8pm right on the homepage!

We also have space with the Walk Down 2023 subscription which includes:

1 hr monthly session including astrology/ tarot

1 personal ritual session

1 distant reiki session

1 product box

And access to all videos dropped for the month! All for the price of one 30min session $75 and remember if you're in the Raleigh area sessions can be in person.

Come walk with me and learn how to bring balance in every area of your life!

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