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Full Moon Lunar Ecipse

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse you will feel it in the 7th & 8th House⚖️⚰️

Libra (Vedic) The Libra Energy- Relationships are either being healed or let go. People are choosing SELF LOVE over a raggedy option of being in an emotionally, financially, spiritually, & physically blocked imbalanced relationship. Being selfish is not the same as self love. In a relationship you have to consider your partners needs and feelings. When you out there acting single and making poor choices based on just you that's selfish. Jeopardizing everything y'all built. Self love is embracing you, setting boundaries, and uplifting yourself for the betterment of you and your partner. A lot of yall are taking your partners self love personal and playing tit for tat trynna play get back... Aht Aht... mirror them and follow their lead. Love on you too don't find someone else too💘🤷‍♀️

Scorpio (Western) The Scorpio Energy- brings your deepest darkest fears to the surface. The key is to acknowledge because you will repeat the same lessons until you learn how to safely express your inner power. Fears of letting go can slow down your process of transformation. Some fears may include death, poverty, manipulation, torture, and betrayal just to name a few. Most of these fears are deep rooted and you're not even consciously aware of. It's a time for reflection about power and control over your life and releasing the things that keep you bound. After all Pluto does rule the underworld... Some deep dark hidden secrets may arrive also... I've got my popcorn 😂😂😂😂😤😤😤😤...

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