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Full Moon in Sagittarius

It's a full moon today and a lot will be illuminated. With the full moon in the 9th house its all about growth & Ascension. Full Moons are for releasing and in this area we are releasing old and outdated beliefs that no longer belong to you. The mind is releasing and the subconscious is upgrading new knowledge. This is where the full moon lands for you:

Aries- 9th House

Taurus- 8th House

Gemini- 7th House

Cancer- 6th House

Leo- 5th House

Virgo- 4th House

Libra- 3rd House

Scorpio- 2nd House

Sagittarius- 1st House

Capricorn- 12th House

Aquarius- 11th House

Pisces- 10th House

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