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Eclipse Week

Due to unexpected plot twist and turns there will be no weekly video updates on the channels. Here are some tips for eclipse week:

Cleanse your space.

Mentally- say those affirmations also watch your communication intake and out take.

Emotionally- release tears are good! Protect your emotions by staying grounded don't watch things that make you emotional.

Physically- cleanse your home. Eat lots of veggies and fruits. Drink your water. Meditate. Take walks in nature.

Spiritually- connect to your higher self and guides. Take Spiritual baths. Protect your dream space.

Financially- try to spend on things that's needed. Prioritize and get bills in order.

Keep outside energy outside. Tell your kids no friends this week. YOU ALSO! Be mindful of conversations. Pay attention to the people around you and don't let their issues become yours. There will be a lot of unknowns and you want to make sure you're dealing with your own energy and the energy of your household. Focus on your goals and keep taking action towards them. Rest when needed don't over work yourself let things flow freely. If outside forces are resistant move them around. This eclipse is in the 1st house of self. ITS ABOUT YOUR SELF AWARENESS. How you create what's in your world. Take advantage of the energies as change is a good thing. Embrace all of you.

Some of you may be experiencing the dark night of the soul. Deep Spiritual Awakenings. The collective is going through an Extinction burst! In behavioral therapy extinction is when an observed behavior goes away because of reinforcements. Extinction burst occur when the reinforcement is no longer available so the behavior starts again. Something that was previously worked on in healing has come back up for one final release. This is a major change & shift. Be compassionate and loving to yourself over the next few days because the day after the eclipse Mercury retrograde goes into full effect. Take some time to build a firewall of protection around you and yours TODAY! Your guides will give you the words trust it.

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