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If you missed the changes that are happening this way...

1. This will be the last week for personal reads (Idk when they will return if at all)

2. You can catch Sunday Night Live 8pm at

3. You can now subscribe to video content on the website. Channels are broken down as such:

- Weekly collective healing $4.44 a month

- Weekly collective love $4.44 a month

- Weekly collective Money/Career $4.44

- Whatever Comes Out (Ancestor messages/new moon/ full moon/ astrology/ what you need to know right now) $5.55

- Monthly All Signs ( all 12 signs separately covering every area ) $9.99

You can get all channels and videos dropped a month by subscribing to The All Knowing Tier for $22.22

( The whatever comes out tier already has a video)

If you like my post on fb check out our blog page also! I'll be at home if you need me.

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