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Doing The Inner Work This Eclipse Season

Lets talk doing the inner work this eclipse season. Solar Eclipse happened in the 1st house of self awareness. Mercury is retrograde in the 2nd house of self worth/material security. Pluto goes retrograde on 5/1 in the 11th house friendships (the outside world). Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (ruled by pluto) the 8th house of transformation.

Are you willing to forgive yourself & others for past mistakes that occurred in unhealed behavior? (Forgiveness does not require letting them back in)

Are you willing to release judgement on yourself & others? You don’t know what they deserve! You don’t know what they been through! Why does it bother you so much? Have you placed such judgement on yourself because you wouldn’t do that others shouldn’t either?

Are you willing to release those restrictions & limited beliefs you have placed yourself? Are you willing to step outside the box and do something you said you wanted to do but never got around to it because you talked yourself out of it or you let others?

Are you willing to put you 1st and stop compromising what you believe in to satisfy others? On the outside it might look good but it eats you up inside. That cause those sleepless nights. Internal conflict because you’re going against yourself.

We are in the season of breaking free from what’s holding us back. The only way to do that is to look at you and why you allow those things. You have the power to shift your energy just by choosing love, creating boundaries, & cultivating new habits.

The moon will be in Gemini over the next 2 days & as I state all thee time it’s a perfect time to do shadow work! As we are elevating it’s a great time to release your old self. The old self can not come into the new life you are creating for yourself. Remember your shadow never leaves you just as your inner child but if they are still in pain as you try to make new gains you can get held up. Old keys won't open new doors. Until you go within to truly look at yourself to change your toxic behaviors and remove the trauma and tragedy that caused them, karmic cycles will continue. Healing your inner child and shadow work is imperative to level up. You need to ask yourself are you truly ready to heal or do you just want to pretend? Bandaids fall off and those scars will reopen. The choice is yours. Remove the blockages to your blessings and choose to be better instead of bitter!

While working on your shadow:

- Center yourself

- Use self compassion

- Reflect for self awareness

- Be honest and truthful with yourself about your behaviors, attitudes, & dark thoughts.

Taking ownership heals the splits in the mind.

- Watch your emotional reactions (triggers)

- Talk to yourself about what you feel and why you feel that way.

- Make a good & bad list so you can see where your beliefs differ.

Choose what you're working on.

Ex. Jealousy

- Face it by accepting and bringing awareness to the feeling.

- Talk to it by asking

1. Why are you doing this to me?

2. What do you want from me?

3. What are you trying to show me?

4. What do you have to show me.

- Always journal.

Always remember you have to feel that shit so you can heal that shit👁🔮🧚🏾🧜🏾‍♀️💃🏾🦹🏾‍♀️👸🏾

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