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Deep rooted healing this week!

Can you truly embrace your quirky self? This week's 1st qt Moon in Cancer conjunct Mars is making a Grand Water trine with Saturn in Pisces and S. Node in Scorpio! Emotions may overflow but you can use them to your advantage. You're being rebirthed and walking into the new. Taking everything you learned on your healing journey and putting then into action. You have to feel that shit to heal that shit. Cancer represents the 4th House of roots where a deep connection with ancestral healing. Mother and father wounds may come up to awareness so those unhealed patterns within the family line can shift. Facing your fears and doing it scared. Embracing your fears with an awareness of how to overcome them. Things seem to get easier when you release to shift the narrative. Walking into a more truer authentic self this week. Embrace all of you and flow as you grow🥰

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