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ARE YOU READY TO BUCKLE DOWN AND FOCUS YOUR WAY STRAIGHT TO 2024! Mercury is in the pre shadow phase & discipline is required. Venus is in Scorpio is it Cupid or a stinger? Neptune goes direct so this week you could be hit with lots of truths! BE PREPARED FOR MIRACLES & BLESSINGS IF YOU BELIEVE

More Astrology below....

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This months Tarot & Tea Party will be held Saturday the 23rd at 8PM.

Awareness is Preparedness! Get your 2024 Overview!

Decembers Astrology

12/1- Mercury moves into Capricorn

12/4- Venus moves into Scorpio

12/5- 3rd QT Moon in Virgo

12/6- Neptune direct in Pisces

12/12- New Moon in Sagittarius

12/13- Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

12/19- 1st QT in Pisces

12/21- Sun in Capricorn

12/23- Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

12/26- Full Moon in Cancer

12/26- Chiron direct in Aries

12/29- Venus moves into Sagittarius

12/30 Jupiter direct in Taurus


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