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All Monthly Videos are up! Remember you can take 50% off and subscribe to the All Knowing Tier for $11.11 this month only by using code: SEXYGRANNY

Here are your themes:

Aries- Go the distance. See it in your minds eye and claim it!

Taurus- It's time to reclaim your power & trust in yourself!

Gemini- The breakdown is for the breakthrough! Pray before you pop off!

Cancer- It's time to rely on self. Forgive & Release with compassion!

Leo- Happy Birthday! Money looks good if you stop self sabotaging! Get out ya own way!

Virgo- Everything happens for a reason. You can only control your thoughts & actions.

Libra- Your test is your testimony. Balance your attitude. Karma is heavy what side you on?

Scorpio- It's a powerful time to manifest. Balance those thoughts.

Sagittarius- Accept life's challenges. Release control & see your value.

Capricorn- Your ancestors are calling you to heal! Don't miss the call.

Aquarius- Time to heal those broken words & promises. Talk to you nice!

Pisces- Pay attention to the Signs. Your guides are talking but are you listening? Heavy Capricorn energy(watch there's too)

Have an amazing August 2023! See you for Sunday Night Live 8pm!

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