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Affirmations for Mercury Retrograde


I am an excellent communicator. I enjoy talking to other people. I am assertive and able to influence people. I can say no. I am outgoing and can speak to anybody. I believe my communication skills are strong. I am confident when I speak to others. I am a natural leader. I can express my opinions easily. I can remain calm when speaking to others. I will improve my communication skills. I will practise communicating more often. I will be more confident when speaking to others. Every day I become more confident in my communication skills. I will learn to enjoy my conversations. I will be more assertive. My communication skills get better every day. I will excel in my career because of my strong communication skills. I will find it easier to start conversations. My communication skills will get me out of difficult situations. Others enjoy speaking to me. Communication skills are an important part of my life. Speaking to new people is easy. The more positive I am, the easier it will be to start conversations. My communication skills will improve my career. People listen to what I say. My strong communication skills will help me through job interviews. Others will start to notice how much better at communicating I have become.


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