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4-4-2023 15/6🤞💘🥰

A new portal of energy is opening with the Sun conjunct Chiron (healer of deep inner wounds) in Aries. Jupiter will greet the Sun in just a few days representing expansion and growth releasing and transforming the past to make room for the new. Mercury conjunct N. Node in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius and sextile Saturn in Pisces & Mars in Cancer creates the atmosphere to help push out illusions as we shed layers and level up in spiritual growth and a deep inner standing of self. Some may hear or see things and think they are going crazy. Trust your intuition as your guides are opening you up to change. Meditate so elevation may take place. It's a major shift leading up to the Libra full moon the 7th house of any kind and of relationships on Wednesday/Thursday. A deep healing cleanse is happening embrace it because the most important relationship you can ever have is with your self. As Lilith the dark moon(shadow self) trines Chiron in Aries (1st house of how we show up in the world) where the Sun (logic/mental) is causing healing on subconscious level. It's the purge internally. 15 represents Devil energy (toxic obsessive traits) 6 represents The Lovers ( balancing of one's shadow & light self). This Libra Full Moons brings about the balancing of scales within self.


I have everything I need within side me.

I am worthy of love, flaws and all.

I accept all of me with love.

I deserve to be happy.

I believe in myself.

I am enough.

I will treat myself with the kindness of a friend.

I am beautifully unique.

I love who I am.

I am not afraid of my feelings.

I am right where I need to be.

I shine like a diamond.

I won’t apologize for being me.

I have much to celebrate.

I trust in myself.

I am a gift to the world.

I can deal with whatever comes my way.

I shower myself with compassion.

I cherish my relationship with myself.

I am capable of achieving my goals.

I have a lot to offer.

I embrace positive thoughts.

I respect my limitations and am grateful for the capabilities that I have.


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Pam Thorp-Byrd
Pam Thorp-Byrd
Apr 05, 2023

I affirm

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